Replacement for iPhone Screen FOG

Type: iPhone 11
Color: Black
Sale price$104.72


LSRE PP: Premium Plus, iPhone FOG Replacement Screens

Made of Original glass with original frame, assembled from genuine authorized factory, offered for iPhone 11 and XR there is no difference compared to the apple one but is without apple logo.


All premium iPhone 11, XR ones are made of Original Glass+Original chip touch ITO+Double polarizer +Higher Brightness+Original Gamut backlight+Back Steel Plate
All Premium Gamut ones Original BOE Glass+Sunglass test+Double polarizer +Higher Brightness+Original Gamut backlight+small parts installed+Steel plate installed+Full view.
LCD screen touch screen digitizer glass assembly for iPhone
* Outer glass+LCD screen+touch digitizer panel preassembled.
* Replace & repair faulty screen: display problems, cracked LCD screens, wrong color issues, touch issue
* Each screen is tested before shipping by QC team
* At least one year warranty
* Priority shipping service at cheaper shipping cost

1. Please check the item appearance carefully at the first time when you received it to confirm whether there is an appearance breakage. If any problems persist, please do not hesitate to contact us and provide photos for the problem. We will resolve for you soon.

2. Do not install the item immediately after received. Please try to check the item's function by just plug the flex connector to your phone at first.

3. Please note that there are many screws when you replace the assembly. They have different sizes and length. It is easy to damage the screen if you put the screw in wrong position

Out of warranty on physical damage

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